Cargo Cycling CO2 Compensation Concept

The development of capitalism is characterised by increasing financialisation. This follows a phase of diminishing returns on markets for tangible goods. Surplus capital of this first phase is not reinvested in more trade and production, but in investments where capital can reproduce itself directly, meaning on financial markets.

If we assume that return on capital equals return on motivation equally resembles a material first phase which is felt has been coming to its end. If we further equal earned financial surplus with surplus motivation earned how can this surplus be invested to reproduce itself? 

A hypothesis could be by investing it into creativity. As has been established to raise climate awareness and to reap real analogies to financialisation, another option might be to consider a Cargo Cycling CO2 Compensation Concept.

At the core of a Cargo Cycling CO2 Compensation Concept is a financialisation idea, selling the mileage cycled by to a counterpart without this counterpart having to own or to operate a cargo bike.

The Cargo Cycling CO2 Compensation Concept offers green investors an option to monetise the inherent sustainable value of without having to ride a bike, let alone a cargo carrying one. As such, provides environmentally conscious investors with its valuable carbon-neutrality thus contributing to greening supply chains.

The snag is that I have stopped cargo cycling.