“A zine is usually a non – commercial, non professional publication, kind of like a magazine but with a twist. The main difference between a magazine and a zine is that zines are not out there to make a profit but, rather, to add other, often unheard voices into the mix.” (https://ago.ca/agoinsider/what-zine, accessed 13th January 2023)

Here is mine summarising what has happened on longdistance-cargocycling.org for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

Collaborators´ Satisfaction Survey

My bike could not answer all my questions. I decided to ask my collaborators. This is what they told me:

And here is the questionnaire (in German only)

Here are my answers to the questions my collaborators asked me:

Q: How much CO2 has been saved on your trips?

A: To be honest, I don’t know. We humans also exhale CO2; the more the more we exercise. Judged by the level of physical effort I put into my trips the amount of CO2 might be limited. So, may be next time I have to hold my breath when cycling.

Q: Are there other people with similar ideas than you (ie collaborating to move stuff carbon-neutral by cargo bike)?

A: Amazingly, yes! See here, here and here.

Protected Bike Lane

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” So the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations states. Nevertheless, some issues need more protection than others. Provocatively asked, why protect something that is universally enshrined in law?

You are not impeded; you become so only by others´ actions and perceptions. The world of transport just represents a wider cosmos of human interaction. The dream of equality is older than cycling.

Greened Supply Chains

Our reality is only a mental construction. It is a result of our inner beliefs and experiences. What we see as grey, for others it might appear as green. There is no absolute truth.

Narratives of greened supply chains fall on unsuspecting ears. There is no wrong and no right. even when most of us still perceive it as grey.

Splendid Contradictions

We live in a world of splendid contradictions. longdistance-cargocycling.org donates (again) to artenglück.de, a purveyor of wild flower beds to save remaining bio-diversity. Generous donation for a common cause with funds generated from plenty of cargo cycling trips.

The results of our actions: expensively compensated. There appears to be a requirement to reflect their unintended consequences in the first place.

Oh, by the way, thanks to all MY donors!

Modern Mobility

The action goes on elsewhere. We witness idle artefacts of a busy world, carelessly abandoned, in all cases. Their silence is a prompt to think.