Modern Mobility

The action goes on elsewhere. We witness idle artefacts of a busy world, carelessly abandoned, in all cases. Their silence is a prompt to think.

Towers of a new religion

Towers provide orientation. The world over, the sight of a tower symbolises refuge, identification, safety. Seafarers, worshippers, and even the odd cyclist, rely on their dominating impressions.

A beacon provides physical beams of light, a church tower offers hope for religious enlightment; and following the invitation of the latter, a cyclist might not only find sacred comfort, but also more secular distractions right in the middle of urbanism.

However, I observe an intriguingly new breed of towers, popping up at the fringes of urbanity. Slim, with spiritual symbols of its own, it appears they offer rewards of different sorts. The cyclist, coming nearer, feels like having to navigate a sea of four-wheeled gadgets full of adorers flocking to this symbol of a new religion seeking convenience and speed.

It seems, if you follow the welcome pull of one tower, you have to manage another´s repulsion.

We live in a world of contradictions.