My project exists because of cracks in our system. It is an immersive cyclistic experiment. I ride through our absurdities of reality turned into asphalt and concrete. It is an attempt to observe.


My investigation is driven by experiments. The cargo bike becomes an omnipresent and silent observer exploring spaces of possibilities. It enters into a dialogue with our established perceptions and myself. If physical exercise is the minimal overlap here, it is my intention to approach this gap in a cyclistic, yet aesthetic manner.


The past haunts us. rides through results of competitive, ego-driven and materialistic conceptions. It mirrors these with integral and transcendent ways of cognition. It is an attempt to prototype new thinking. What colour is our today´s world? Orange.

Rapprochement by change of state

What happens if the narrative develops quicker than the hearing? Cycling becomes the irritation to all things being homonormative. My spaces of opportunity are physical and geographical embodiments of new mental models. They are visualisations of underrepresented perceptions. You are invited to help change the self-narrative of our system.

The experiment is completed, research is ongoing: intellectually high quality, stable, light and environmentally friendly.

Description started as an initiative that helped communities to collectively buy organic food directly at source and ship it to recipients by cargo bike free of any charges. It started as a pioneer action at micro-level, venturing into a prototype for new thinking.