Experimental Set-up

Observation and sensing of our human society that essentially relies on the ecosystem for goods and services. The experiments have multiple space and time scales, however they resemble just a beam of a torch-light in massive geosphere-biosphere-anthroposphere interactions.

longdistance-cargocycling.org humbly develops options of how to sense and feel these interactions. It is all about our individual mental constructions. There is neither a right, nor a wrong sort of description. Contradictions might appear. Irritations are possible.

By pure coincidence, experiments focus on our current state of road freight and road mobility. There is no research question. Data comes in form of pictures or descriptions. There is no rationality to interpret the data, just subjectivity and intuition. Geographically, my experiments focus on is Northern Europe.

By combining interventions with observations, the experiments examine the real and imaginary, bringing them together and generating spaces of opportunity which get documented in seemingly surreal texts. Once completed, the experiments might challenge established narratives.